There are many remedies for enforcement of child support in Georgia. In 1995, the Georgia Supreme Court made this clear in Hill v. Hill, where the Court said:

"Various remedies for enforcement and collection of a child support order, including contempt, execution by writ of fieri facias, and garnishment, may generally be pursued either singly or concurrently."

In this website, we outline the various methods by which child support can be enforced and arrearages collected. The techniques we discuss are:

  • Contempt of Court
  • Execution
  • Garnishment
  • Criminal Prosecution

We also have a section on the Georgia Child Support Guidelines so that you can estimate what amount of child support you should be receiving and determine whether to ask for a modification of child support.

Finally, we include a section on resources you can consult for further information.

We emphasize that nothing in this website is legal advice. If you are considering legal action to collect or enforce child support, you should make an appointment to see a licensed Georgia attorney who can explain your options.